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A typical burglar will not risk prison by breaking into an occupied house


FakeTV simulates the light output of a real television.

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4,8, and 16 Channels


DG1648 16 Channel State of the Art Real-Time Security DVR

State of the Art Real-Time Security DVR.

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                    ANTI SPY EQUIPMENT

    These items are special order systems and returns will be subject to a 20% restocking fee.

TT07 Wiretap Detector - Your phone line can be wiretapped or bugged and the telephone instrument itself can be quickly and easily converted to a very efficient room monitor.

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TD17 Transmitter Detector - Find hidden RF transmitters (bugs) planted in your home, office, car or attached to your telephone line.

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VCD42 Video Camera Detector - The VCD-42 can help you quickly determine if hidden surveillance cameras are being used in any room.

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